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Old Export Tools Moved to GitHub

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We’d like to inform you that our old export tools (PDF, Excel) are moved to GitHub. That means in case of any changes to their sources, they’ll be updated on GitHub only. So if you still use these tools, you’ll be able to find the most recent versions here: dhtmlxScheduler v4.x to PDF print tool …

Grid to PDF and Excel Online Service

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This is a quick note on the export to PDF and Excel functionality for dhtmlxGrid. The export functionality is also available as an online service so you do not have to download and install the server-side extensions (available for PHP, ASP.NET and Java). To use the online export service, you need to add just one …

Export to PDF/Excel Functionality Updated

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Export to PDF functionality for dhtmlxScheduler is now available for ASP.NET (in addition to PHP and Java services). If you are using dhtmlxScheduler with ASP.NET and need to print your event calendar, there is now an easy and quick way for it.   Grid-to-Excel export library for ASP.NET has also been updated. We’ve fixed the …

Grid-to-PDF and Grid-to-Excel Now Available for ASP.NET

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We’re happy to introduce an ASP.NET version of export feature for dhtmlxGrid. If you are using dhtmlxGrid in your ASP.NET application or website, you can now easily transfer the grid data to Excel or PDF. The export result preserves the structure and layout of the original grid. Download the packages which contain the files necessary …

Grid-to-Excel, Grid-to-PDF Available for Java

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dhtmlxGrid, JavaScript Grid component, now offers export to Excel and PDF services for Java. This functionality has been already introduced for PHP, but we are finally releasing the Java version. We know that many of you have been expecting this release, so you can now download the packages and enjoy ready-to-use export functionality: Export to …

Updated Export Functionality (to PDF, Excel) for Grid and Scheduler

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A few months ago we told you about the new export functionality available for dhtmlxGrid (export to PDF and Excel) and dhtmlxScheduler (export to PDF). These features were ‘fresh’ and had a few imperfections, but they have been since tested and improved. Today we present the update pack that eliminates all the known bugs. What’s …

Export dhtmlxGrid to Excel

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UPDATE: Use the links below to download the newest version of the export packages: dhtmlxGrid-to-Excel for PHP dhtmlxGrid-to-Excel for Java dhtmlxGrid-to-Excel for ASP.NET   Having developed a way to export grid data to an external format, we found it hard to stop at just PDF. We have been often asked about the possibility of exporting …

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