Grid-to-PDF and Grid-to-Excel Now Available for ASP.NET

We’re happy to introduce an ASP.NET version of export feature for dhtmlxGrid. If you are using dhtmlxGrid in your ASP.NET application or website, you can now easily transfer the grid data to Excel or PDF. The export result preserves the structure and layout of the original grid.

Download the packages which contain the files necessary to provide export support:


dhtmlxGrid - Export to Excel

dhtmlxGrid - Export to Excel

There is no special documentation for ASP.NET, but you can learn how to use the export services from the documentation for PHP version:

The approach is very simple so it shouldn’t be a problem to understand how to install the export feature. For any technical questions, you can contact us on the forum.

If you need the export feature for PHP or Java, you can download the required packages on the Goodies page (this page also lists other tools that can be useful for your development with DHTMLX).

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