Maintenance Release: Gantt 7.1.6, Scheduler 5.3.12, Suite 7.2.1, Spreadsheet 4.1.3

Welcome to the last summer 2021 edition of DHTMLX maintenance releases. In August, the DHTMLX development team rolled out a range of useful fixes for our JavaScript project management tools, namely Gantt and Scheduler, Spreadsheet component, and a new patch version of the Suite UI widgets library. Check out the full list of improvements below.

DHTMLX Gantt 7.1.6

7.1.6 (August 23, 2021)

  • The incorrect work of the auto_scheduling_move_projects config when schedule_from_end is enabled (Fixed)
  • The incorrect work of the onrender callback of the column which caused custom elements to disappear when the grid is scrolled quickly (Fixed)
  • The regression (appeared in v7.1.5) which caused rows of the grid to disappear after the grid cell is resized in complex layouts (Fixed)
  • The incorrect work of the size/visibility groups that prevented the sizes of columns from being synchronized in the complex layout (Fixed)
  • Improved the display of the grid when the Gantt is rendered in a small container (Done)

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DHTMLX Scheduler 5.3.12

5.3.12 (August 24, 2021)

  • The issue with the Tree Timeline view which caused it to enter an infinite loop when the list of sections contains duplicated keys (Fixed)
  • The incorrect work of the monthly recurring events when After N occurrences limitation is used (Fixed)
  • The incorrect work of the recurring_overflow_instances config in the lastDay mode causing the event instance to lose the minutes/seconds part of its date (Fixed)
  • The issue with blocking the dragged event from being moved out of the scheduler when returning false from the onBeforeEventDragOut event (Fixed)
  • The default CSS of Tree Timeline section labels is changed to prevent unexpected line break when the label is too long for the cell (Done)

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DHTMLX Suite 7.2.1

7.2.1 (August 26, 2021)

  • Calendar: the issue which caused sending of the form after clicking the buttons of the calendar if the calendar is placed into the HTML form (Fixed)
  • Combobox: the issue with the Change event which caused the event to fire twice after selecting a new option (Fixed)
  • Form. Textarea control: the issue which caused the text cursor not to move to a new line after pressing “Enter” (Fixed)
  • Grid: the incorrect work of selection after filtering the grid (Fixed)
  • Grid: the issue which caused the parent container for Grid, which is attached to the layout, to reset when calling the setColumns() method after initialization of Grid (Fixed)
  • Grid: the issue with filtering the content of the grid when multiple options are chosen in the combo filter (Fixed)
  • Grid: the issue with resizing of the columns if the in-header filters are specified for the columns (Fixed)
  • Grid: the script error thrown after scrolling the grid horizontally several times (Fixed)
  • Layout: the issue with the collapse() method of a layout cell (Fixed)
  • List: the issue which caused the list not to be scrolled to the item selected via the setFocus() method (Fixed)
  • TreeGrid: Now it is possible to filter the content of the treegrid by multiple header filters (Done)

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DHTMLX Spreadsheet 4.1.3

4.1.3 (August 31, 2021)

  • The incorrect behavior of the undo operation when reverting the row/column after its removing (Fixed)
  • The incorrect work of the “mask” property specified in the number format object (Fixed)
  • The issue which caused empty cells/rows at the top of the selection to be trimmed after pasting the data from Excel to the spreadsheet (Fixed)
  • The issue which caused the cells the absolute formula refers to not being marked (Fixed)
  • The issue with the “afterSelectionSet” event which caused the event to occur twice after a range of cells is selected (Fixed)
  • The issue with TypeScript definitions (Fixed)
  • The issues with the “text” number format (Fixed)

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