Maintenance Release: Gantt 7.1.5, Suite 7.1.10

Greetings to all those who follow the advancement of DHTMLX products. It is the right time to explore maintenance releases for our JavaScript libraries released in July. This month, our development team concentrated efforts on preparing useful fixes and improvements for Gantt and Suite libraries. Check out the results of our work below.

Gantt 7.1.4 – 7.1.5

7.1.4 (June 30, 2021)

  • The incorrect work of unsetWorkTime that caused affected dates to have incorrect work hours (Fixed)
  • The script error thrown in the Resource histogram after scrolling the histogram when resource_render_empty_cells is set to false and smart_rendering is enabled (Fixed)
  • The incorrect work of the editNextRow and editPrevRow methods of the Inline Editors module (Fixed)
  • The incorrect work of the Quick Info popup that caused the popup to be displayed after clicking on the “add” button in the grid (Fixed)
  • The incorrect work of the ASAP constraints that caused tasks not to be moved to the earliest date of the project (Fixed)
  • The incorrect work of Inline Editors that prevented constraints from being edited via the inline editor (Fixed)
  • The incorrect behavior of the “scroll into view” logic of Keyboard Navigation which called an unnecessary scroll when selected taskbars are visible (Fixed)
  • The script error is thrown when the mouse is moved outside the container when the click_drag extension is enabled (Fixed)
  • Performance improvements for the auto_types configuration option of Gantt (Done)

7.1.5 (July 22, 2021)

  • The incorrect work of vertical reordering of tasks in the “marker” mode when gantt rows have different heights (Fixed)
  • The issue with the sizes of the timeline and the grid in some layouts when the show_grid and show_chart configs are disabled (Fixed)
  • The data-column-name and data-column-index attributes are added for cells of the grid header (Done)
  • The incorrect display of the grid after re-initialization of the gantt after removing all columns from the config (Fixed)
  • The issue that caused the resource panel configuration to overwrite the main configuration of the gantt in Vue.js applications (Fixed)
  • Added the ability to modify the configuration of the resource panel on the fly by modifying the configuration object provided to the resource layout (Done)

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Suite 7.1.10

7.1.10 (July 20, 2021)

  • Chart: the default paddings between the chart and its container (Fixed)
  • Chart: the incorrect display of “stroke” for Pie, Pie3D (Fixed)
  • Chart: now the “valueOnly” subtype of a chart is available not only for Donut chart but also for Pie and Pie3D ones (Done)
  • Chart: the display of the “basic”, “valueOnly”, “percentOnly” subtypes of a chart is unified (Done)
  • Form. Combo control: the issue which caused sending of – Form after an item of Combobox is selected by pressing the Enter key (Fixed)
  • Form: the issue which caused the value in Form not to be cleared after clearing the value in the Datepicker control (Fixed)
  • Grid, TreeGrid: the script error is thrown when setting the “adjust: true” configuration option of Grid and using columns with the combo filter (Fixed)
  • Grid: the incorrect work of the “beforeEditEnd” event when returning false (Fixed)
  • Grid: the incorrect work of the “editable:false” configuration option of the column when the checkbox editor is set for the column (Fixed)
  • Grid: the issue which caused the filter in the source grid not being reset after dragging the row into the target grid (Fixed)
  • Grid: the issue which caused the parent container for Grid, which is attached to the layout, to reset when calling the “setColumns()” method after initialization of Grid (Fixed)
  • Grid: the issue with editing of the checkboxes by using the Space key (Fixed)
  • Grid: the issue with formatting of the fractional numbers (Fixed)
  • Grid: the issue with ignoring the “filter” and “template” configuration properties of comboFilter (Fixed)
  • Grid: the issue with incorrect calculation of the footer of the frozen columns (Fixed)
  • Layout: the issue which caused the “сlick” event of DataView to be called after clicking the empty area in the dataview attached to the Layout cell (Fixed)
  • Pagination: the script error thrown after clicking on the “next” button (Fixed)
  • Sidebar: the issue with the display of the tooltip when the sidebar is attached to the modal window (Fixed)
  • Tabbar: the issue which caused the “change” event to be called when clicking the currently active tab in the tabbar (Fixed)
  • Tree: the issue which caused custom CSS classes not being applied to the nested items (non-folders) (Fixed)
  • TreeCollection: the issue that caused the “beforeAdd” event not to be called after adding new items into TreeCollection (Fixed)
  • TreeGrid: the incorrect display of data when entering the value, which doesn’t exist in the data set, into the header cell with the input filter (Fixed)
  • TreeGrid: the issues with the top and bottom borders of the footer cells of the frozen columns (Fixed)

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