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JavaScript Timeline Chart DHTMLX

JavaScript Timeline Chart Functionality in DHTMLX

8 min read
If it is necessary to visually present data over a specific time span, a JavaScript timeline chart (or diagram) is exactly what you need. This type of chart serves as an effective way to show various processes that are arrange...
Lean IT with DHTMLX Gantt

Customer Spotlight: DHTMLX Gantt in Lean IT

10 min read
Today we are talking to Raffaele Marranzini, the CEO of Lean IT, the Swiss software company specializing in product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions. We are proud that Lean IT has relied on our Gantt chart to embed it in t...
Customer spotlight

Customer Spotlight: DHTMLX Gantt in AugmentedCISO

4 min read
It is hard to argue that reliable protection of information assets and technologies plays an important role in the daily activities of any company. That’s what EXCUBE, a French company specialized in cybersecurity, actually do...
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