Maintenance Release: Gantt 7.1.8, Scheduler 5.3.13

It has been a very busy month for us at DHTMLX, but we are proud of the results. Our product portfolio was complemented with a new project management tool – JavaScript Kanban board. Apart from that, our development team also rolled out minor updates for the DHTMLX Spreadsheet and Vault components. And now we want to finish this productive month by delivering new fixes and improvements for the Gantt and Scheduler JS libraries. Check out the details below.

DHTMLX Gantt 7.1.8

7.1.8 (November 30, 2021)

  • The script error that was thrown from the gantt.groupBy method when the Resource Histogram and fit_tasks config were enabled (Fixed)
  • The incorrect work of the Undo extension that didn’t send updates to the server when vertical reordering was reverted (Fixed)
  • The issue with the Export to MS Project module which in some cases caused an Unknown error result when custom properties were sent to the export (Fixed)
  • The incorrect work of the gantt.silent method, which did not prevent gantt.changeTaskId from triggering API events and repaints (Fixed)
  • The incorrect work of the gantt.undo method that did not restore the original vertical position of the reverted item (Fixed)
  • The incorrect work of the resource assignment form which caused gantt to replace the user-provided id of the resource assignment with an auto-generated value (Fixed)
  • The incorrect work of gantt.changeTaskId in cases when the affected tasks had nested items, which caused the level of nested items to be calculated incorrectly (Fixed)

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DHTMLX Scheduler 5.3.13

5.3.13 (November 9, 2021)

  • The issue that caused the edited recurring series to disappear after closing Lightbox via scheduler.hideLightbox (Fixed)
  • The issue with disabling the auto_end_date config dynamically (Fixed)
  • The incorrect work of modified instances of a recurring series when the start_date of the series event contains non-empty milliseconds part (Fixed)
  • The issue with the Keyboard Navigation module that changed the scroll position of the scheduler when resizing an event in some cases (Fixed)
  • Now, when Keyboard Navigation is enabled, “trap modal focus” of the Lightbox and dhtmlx.modalbox should respect the tabindex of elements (Done)
  • Now, when the “Today” button is pressed, the Keyboard Navigation focuses on the first cell of the Today column rather than the first cell of the first column of the Week View (Done)
  • The incorrect work of scheduler.showEvent in the Timeline view when the Smart Rendering is enabled (Fixed)

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