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dhtmlxVault 1.7 Released

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Our JavaScript file upload component dhtmlxVault has been updated to version 1.7. The new version adds compatibility with IE10 and the ability to set the sizes of the uploader. You can now resize the uploader box to fit your app interface requirements.   Download the Standard Edition of dhtmlxVault 1.7 (available under GNU GPL) or …

dhtmlxVault Updated to Version 1.6

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We have just released a new version 1.6 of dhtmlxVault. It includes two major bug fixes for those who use Windows Server 2008 RC2 and ASP.NET. We have found that IIS7 on Windows Server 2008 RC2 behaves differently from other IIS versions. It does not have a pre-cached part for uploaded files. Therefore we have …

dhtmlxVault Updated to Version 1.5

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We are happy to announce that dhtmlxVault version 1.5 is now available! This version supports full localization, including button labels, and provides improved error handler for PHP (added handler for file size limit).