dhtmlxVault 2.1: Minor Improvements and Bug Fixes

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The minor update is available for dhtmlxVault, our JavaScript file upload library. Version 2.1 introduces a number of bug fixes and better support for IE.

dhtmlxVault 2.1 - Text for drag-and-drop

What’s new in dhtmlxVault 2.1:

  • drag-and-drop functionality is fixed for IE11
  • strings.dnd added to customize the text that notifies the end user about the ability to drag-and-drop the files for upload
  • HTML5 mode is fixed for the case when file selection is cancelled
  • Flash mode is fixed for IE7 and for IE10/IE11 compatibility mode
  • Font size is fixed for some IE versions
  • paramName is added that provides the ability to change the name for:
    <input type="file" name=paramName>
  • the ability to disable multiple file selection for Flash and HTML5 modes

Download dhtmlxVault Standard 2.1 (distributed under GNU GPL).

dhtmlxVault PRO users will receive this update by email.