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Custom Item in dhtmlxForm by the Example of CKEditor Integration

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Update: Now DHTMLX has its own WYSIWYG editor – Rich Text Editor launched in December 2018. Using of DHTMLX UI components goes beyond the standard functionality described in docs. We’d like to share a simple way of adding a custom item in dhtmlxForm control. For more informative demonstration, we’ll integrate CKEditor, a popular WYSIWYG Editor, …

DHTMLX Little-Known Features: Custom Column Type in Grid

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In this article, we would like to continue to share with you small tips and tricks that allow you use DHTMLX components more efficiently and enjoy every single minute you spend with our library. This time, we’ll talk about dhtmlxGrid. It’s a full-featured javascript data grid control that provides advanced functionality, powerful data binding, and …

DHTMLX Little-Known Features: Segmented Button for Toolbar

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We are glad to share one more DHTMLX tip, and this time you’ll know how to divide the buttons from toolbar into groups (grouped buttons also known as segmented button). You can create several segmented buttons for a single toolbar. Only one button at a time can be pressed within the group. It provides you …

DHTMLX Little-Known Features: “Soft-Closed” Windows

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One more small DHTMLX tip with the help of which you’ll be able to close window (not collapse), but it will be still active and continue working on background. Why does someone need it? It’ll save you from the necessity to load the definite part of information each time, i.e. the work with your app …

DHTMLX Little-Known Features: Loading Content into Tabs on Demand

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We continue sharing small tricks and tips that enable so many abilities when using our JavaScript UI library dhtmlxSuite. This time we’ll show you how to load content into tabs on demand. The described ability allows you to decrease the load on your app. The end users of your product may not need all the …

DHTMLX Little-Known Features: How to Work with Ajax

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Based on frequent questions about working with DHTMLX and Ajax, we decided to explain how it works in detail. The main function of Ajax is interaction with a server, sending requests and processing of user data in particular. dhtmlxAjax was simplified in the version 4.0. The general scripts of working with Ajax are the following: …

New dhtmlxTemplate Function: How to Use (Live Demo inside)

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Two weeks ago we updated dhtmlxSuite to the version 4.1. This update introduced a new interesting function – dhtmlxTemplate. We decided to tell more about it in case if some of you haven’t tried to use it yet. What is DHTMLX Template? It is a function that allows using templates instead of fixed values. This …

DHTMLX Little-Known Features: Custom Slider Control [Mini-Tutorial]

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If you face the necessity to include a slider control into your app or website and want to customize it to meet your design requirements, then this article for you – here you will learn how to create new skins for the simple JavaScript slider control, dhtmlxSlider. As a basis, we take a standard slider …

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