dhtmlxGantt 4.1.19 and dhtmlxScheduler 4.4.9 Released [PRO]

This summer we begin with the planned maintenance releases of dhtmlxGantt and dhtmlxScheduler. New versions will bring you some enhancements that will make your work with our libraries more stable and efficient.

Here is a brief summary of what was fixed and improved in dhtmlxGantt 4.1.19:

  • Smart rendering – fix misalignments between timeline chart and lefthand grid after vertical scroll;
  • Smart rendering – background misalignments on large timelines in IE;
  • Smart rendering – fix regression with show_chart=false config;
  • Time scales – fix issues with month scale columns sizes;
  • Fixes for drag and drop in IE11 on touch enabled devices;
  • Keyboard navigation – fix various issues;
  • Auto scheduling – fix bugs with unscheduled tasks;
  • Fix regression with lightbox toggle controls;
  • dataProcessor – issues with custom headers/payload;
  • Chrome – fix issues with double click handles as drag and drop in some cases;
  • Minor fixes in locales.

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Here is the list of improvements in dhtmlxScheduler 4.4.9:

  • WAI-ARIA support – fix regression when wai-aria attributes are disabled;
  • WAI-ARIA support – various improvements for JAWS support;
  • Keyboard navigation – various bugfixes and improvements;
  • Samples – fix invalid server config snippets;
  • Cookie extension – fix the conflict between cookie and ajax loading timeouts;
  • Year view – fix bug with creation events in year view;
  • Drag and drop – fix incorrect mouse position on zoomed page;
  • All-timed extension – fix drag and drop on touch devices;
  • Dynamic loading – fix incorrect time range caused by server_utc config;
  • Minor fixes in locales.

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Changes in dhtmlxConnector bundled with dhtmlxGantt and dhtmlxScheduler

Note that we’ve changed the default database adapter to PDO. So, if you use PDO driver, no changes should be required:

$res = new PDO("mysql:host=;dbname=schedulertest", "scheduler", "scheduler");
$dbtype = "PDO";

$scheduler = new schedulerConnector($res, $dbtype);

if you use php_mysql, then db_mysql.php has to be included manually and type of connection (“MySQL”) must be specified in the connector constructor:

$res=mysql_connect("", "scheduler", "scheduler");
$dbtype = "MySQL";

require_once ("connector/db_mysql.php"); //! important
require_once ("connector/scheduler_connector.php");

$scheduler = new schedulerConnector($res, $dbtype);

How to get new version

The updated 4.1.19 and 4.4.9 versions are available for PRO users only. Updated GPL editions of the libraries will be available in the next minor/major updates. You are welcome to grab new versions in the Clients Area. In addition, you’ll receive the email notification soon.

As you may notice, we’ve provided some new tutorials of using dhtmlxGantt with popular technologies and frameworks:

dhtmlxGantt + Angular 2
dhtmlxGantt + Vue.js
dhtmlxGantt + ReactJS

Now we are collecting data on other popular technologies among dhtmlxGantt users, so you are welcome to leave your feedback by filling this short form:

What is more, if you are interested in some specific usecase or guide, feel free to leave your requests in the comments section below.

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