Maintenance Release: dhtmlxGantt 6.1.7 and dhtmlxScheduler 5.2.1

Here comes a new pack of June maintenance releases for our scheduling and planning components: JavaScript Scheduler and JavaScript Gantt chart. The whole list of improvements is available in the documentation.

What’s New in dhtmlxScheduler 5.2.1

June 11, 2019

  • (Fixed) The issue with load data type detection in IE11
  • (Fixed) timeline.scrollTo method in timeline without horizontal scrollbar
  • (Fixed) Not working showEvent method in the Timeline view
  • (Fixed) Incorrect behavior of vertical scroll in scrollable timeline with smart_rendering:false
  • (Fixed) Incorrect event position in the multiday units view with the multisection extension when the step option is specified
  • (Fixed) Incorrect size of some events in Daily Timeline

Learn more in the documentation >

What’s New in dhtmlxGantt 6.1.7

June 25, 2019

  • (Fixed) Incorrect behavior of getClosestWorkTime
  • (Fixed) Issue with the autoscroll which happened after toggling visibility of the timeline
  • (Fixed) Bug in the Multiselect extension which caused selected tasks to lose highlight after chart repaint
  • (Fixed) Script error which happened after vertical drag-and-drop if smart rendering and keyboard navigation extensions were enabled
  • (Fixed) Incorrect behavior which happened when users tried to switch between inline editors using the Tab key if some columns of the grid were hidden
  • (Fixed) Unexpected behavior which prevented the lightbox and inline editors from overriding constraint dates

Learn more in the documentation >

We invite you to test the updated libraries:

Current clients may download the latest versions in their Client Area.

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