Maintenance Release: dhtmlxGantt 4.0.10 and dhtmlxScheduler 4.3.35 [PRO]

Gantt chart and Scheduler libraries are updated to the most stable versions. Due to your feedback we were able to fix multiple issues and provide these fixes to all our customers. Below you’ll find a full list of fixes and improvements.


What’s fixed and improved in dhtmlxGantt 4.0.10:

  • improved performance for rendering of big time scales (updated)
  • gantt.getState should contain the current scale step and scale unit (updated)
  • added locale label for ok/cancel buttons confirmation before deleting a popup (updated)
  • critical path and dependencies between a summary and regular tasks (updated)
  • getState should not throw error if called before init (fixed)
  • gantt.posFromDate should not throw an error if chart is disabled (fixed)
  • grid sizing bug which caused incorrect column size after all columns are dynamically hidden and then displayed again (fixed)
  • lightbox editors do not work when certain spellchecked extensions are enabled in browser (fixed)
  • nested calls of batch update should work correctly (fixed)
  • ability to drag and resize grid columns, create links, reorder rows on touch devices in webkit browsers (fixed)
  • no trigger dynamic loading when collapsing preloaded branch (fixed)
  • dataprocessor state of successive insert and update of the same task (fixed)
  • dataprocessor should not send ‘delete’ request if a newly added item was removed before ‘insert’ has been sent (fixed)
  • gantt.config.skip_off_time to work incorrectly when scale unit was different from the gantt.config.duration_unit (fixed)
  • misalignment of scroll position of grid and timeline in smart rendering mode (fixed)
  • gantt.updateMarker does not redrawing marker when called (fixed)
  • gantt.showTask and hidden Timeline areas (fixed)
  • children level recalculation after branch ordering (fixed)
  • subtasks have an incorrect padding after changing parent property (fixed)

What’s fixed and improved in dhtmlxScheduler 4.3.35:

  • integration with the latest DHTMLX Suite library (updated)
  • support svg elements inside scheduler (added)
  • drag and create event dates in timeline with rounded dates (fixed)
  • marked timespan double click should respect scheduler.config.dblclick_create config (fixed)
  • incorrect onXScaleClick arguments in timelines with scheduler.ignore_timeline enabled (fixed)
  • minor improvements for layout misalignment when browser zoom is enabled (fixed)
  • ignored columns and year view (fixed)
  • errors on multi-touch screens (fixed)
  • keyboard focus on mobile devices (fixed)
  • various issues with DST (fixed)
  • events placed on 31th day of the month are displayed incorrectly in Daily Timeline (fixed)
  • addEventNow must return id of new event (fixed)
  • scheduler listening window.onresize when scheduler container is removed from DOM (fixed)

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