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Courier Tracking HTML Template

Real-time location tracking app built with JavaScript widgets from DHTMLX Suite library and Google Maps

This courier management system allows users to monitor flower delivery. It includes real-time geolocation tracking, Google Maps integration, and was built with the following Suite components: Layout, Sidebar, Tabbar, DataView, and Form.

Features of HTML/JavaScript Courier GPS Tracking App

  • Google Maps integration
  • Courier location tracking in real time
  • Switching between courier and parcel views
  • Order filtering by the courier's name and gender, type of vehicle, purchase status, and delivery address
  • Messaging with couriers

UI Components for Building Courier Management System

layout template
Layout for building user-friendly web interfaces
DHTMLX layout is a basic widget that allows you to attach all Suite components as well as custom HTML content to its cells and arrange them in the best way you see fit. Any of the layout elements can be easily resized, collapsed, or hidden from the UI. You can build horizontal, vertical, or mixed layouts, and achieve a unique look and feel due to a rich API and broad customization opportunities.
Using form component as a filter for parcels
Our form widget is applied as a filter allowing end-users to display only the elements that meet defined criteria (e.g., completed orders, eco-friendly delivery by bicycle, etc). You can equip your form with any of the 14 logically arranged controls, including buttons, checkboxes, combo boxes, and input fields. Plus, DHTMLX form supports attaching other Suite UI components and built-in file upload control.
Sidebar in the courier management system
DHTMLX Sidebar offers 8 types of controls (buttons, image buttons, combo boxes, etc) to attach and configure them via a flexible and feature-rich API. You can add, remove, and rearrange the sidebar elements, add tooltips, and apply custom icons. Besides, it's possible to load a set of controls in the JSON format including their configuration properties.
Tabbar with Couriers and Orders views
Having implemented a tab widget in your GPS tracking system, you enable end-users to switch between Couriers and Orders views by clicking on the proper tab. DHTMLX tab bar has an easily adjustable structure. You can change the position of tab controls from horizontal to vertical, add a close button to each tab, manipulate with their size, etc.
DataView for displaying parcel tracking details
With the DataView component, you can represent disordered and chaotic content in a well-structured and visually attractive way. You may improve user experience by adding courier/order images, text content with delivery details, and checkboxes that are automatically checked after the successful delivery. DHTMLX DataView provides list and grid modes, inline editing, rich drag-n-drop, and multiselection of items.

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