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Tree vs. TreeView: What’s the Difference

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dhtmlxTreeView has joined dhtmlx components crew recently. It’s a JavaScript tree menu component for displaying tree structure in your app. “But wait!”, you may say, “We’ve already had dhtmlxTree for these purposes. What Tree should we choose now?!” Continue reading to get the answer and to know what’s the difference between dhtmlxTree and dhtmlxTreeView, and …

DHTMLX Announces Version 1.5 of its Ajax-based Tree Control dhtmlxTree

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DHTMLX is pleased to announce the release of dhtmlxTree v1.5. This JavaScript/DHTML tree control provides cutting edge functionality to create feature rich, interactive and high-performing hierarchical trees for Ajax-based web applications. This new release introduces smoother initial rendering, more flexible event system, quick search functionality and significant performance improvement. New version of JavaScript tree view …

dhtmlxTree version 1.3 – Add Flexibility to Your Web Trees

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DHTMLX team announced dhtmlxTree version 1.3, the most versatile JavaScript component for creating rich-featured hierarchical trees. Designed according to Ajax principles this control offers optimal solution to embed dynamic tree view in web pages. This new release introduces extended script API and significant features improvement, along with high performance and stability. DHTMLX team is proud …

dhtmlxTree v1.2, Organize Hierarchical Data in Ajax-based TreeView

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DHTMLX team released new version 1.2 of its JavaScript tree control dhtmlxTree. The component is now XHTML compatible, has enriched functionality and provides the ability to easily integrate dynamic tree menu with different server-side technologies such as ASP.NET, Cold Fusion and JSP. DHTMLX team is proud to announce the release of its cross-browser JavaScript tree …

dhtmlxTree v1.1 – Create Efficient and User-Friendly Navigation System

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DHTMLX team released version 1.1 of dhtmlxTree, a cross-platform JavaScript navigation component that allows web authors to organize great volume of data into XML-based dynamical tree control. This version brings new powerful features, enriched client-side API and improved stability. We are pleased to announces the release of version 1.1 of its JavaScript navigation component dhtmlxTree. …