dhtmlxTree version 1.3 – Add Flexibility to Your Web Trees

DHTMLX team announced dhtmlxTree version 1.3, the most versatile JavaScript component for creating rich-featured hierarchical trees. Designed according to Ajax principles this control offers optimal solution to embed dynamic tree view in web pages. This new release introduces extended script API and significant features improvement, along with high performance and stability.

DHTMLX team is proud to announce the launch of dhtmlxTree version 1.3. This JavaScript tree control was designed to provide enhanced capabilities for effectively displaying and managing hierarchical data within a dynamic tree view. The new version offers a wide range of new features and enhancements, enriched JavaScript API and extended cross-browser compatibility.

Among the new features found in dhtmlxTree version 1.3 are:

Editable tree nodes. User double-clicks on a tree node and a text box appears allowing to edit text or enter new text for the node.

dhtmlxTree - Ajax-based JavaScript Tree Menu - DHTML Tree

Automatic update of server side data source. All changes performed on the tree in web browser can be automatically saved in backend database on server side. This became possible because of new advanced mechanism which provides the ability to pass updates of tree view (whether node text or tree structure was changed) to the server side and save them in appropriate form in database.

Distributed Parsing to work with tree levels which contain a large number of nodes. This feature provides the possibility to dynamically parse tree levels with hundreds of nodes. When user clicks on tree node to collapse the branch with large amount of children, only first twenty subnodes are displayed initially. Then others are dynamically processed and displayed by the same portions on demand.

Keyboard support. It lets users intuitively expand/collapse tree nodes, navigate inside tree view, add/delete nodes, and more.

Enriched JavaScript API. Now dhtmlxTree supports error handling, locked items and provides the ability to move tree items within/between trees with script API.

Extended drag-and-drop functionality. The major enhancements include the ability to select and drag multiple tree items, support for drag-and-drop between frames/iframes, and customizable drag-and-drop between dhtmlxTree and dhtmlxGrid.

RTL (Right-to-Left) language support (Arabic, Hebrew, etc.). Language configuration can be easily switched from RTL to LTR and vice versa.

Furthermore, dhtmlxTree v1.3 supports custom sorting of tree nodes and extended serialization to XML. All these new additions and improvements offer increased versatility and flexibility of the tree menu and allow the control to meet the most complex developer’s needs.

dhtmlxTree 1.3 is available in two editions: Standard Edition and Professional Edition. The Standard edition is distributed under GNU General Public License and can be downloaded from dhtmlxTree Homepage. Professional Edition provides enriched functionality and can be purchased according to Commercial license ($99 per application) or Enterprise license ($399 per unlimited number of applications of one company).

Professional Edition of dhtmlxTree includes complete customer support: answers to questions, help in solving complex issues, and free bug-fixing. The support is operated by professional and friendly personnel, and works fast and reliably.

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