dhtmlxTree v1.2, Organize Hierarchical Data in Ajax-based TreeView

DHTMLX team released new version 1.2 of its JavaScript tree control dhtmlxTree. The component is now XHTML compatible, has enriched functionality and provides the ability to easily integrate dynamic tree menu with different server-side technologies such as ASP.NET, Cold Fusion and JSP.

DHTMLX team is proud to announce the release of its cross-browser JavaScript tree menu dhtmlxTree version 1.2. This DHTML navigation component provides comprehensive solution for displaying hierarchical data in attractive tree view on a web page.

Using AJAX this tree menu can load its content on demand without page reloading, that’s why the component works great with large dataset. Another popular way to manage big trees, implemented into dhtmlxTree starting from v.1.1, is Smart XML parsing, which got some enhancements in v.1.2.

This new version of JavaScript tree brings extended drag-and-drop functionality. Now this feature works not only between trees placed on different frames, but also includes the possibility to drag tree items to other HTML elements on a page. This DHTML tree also provides the ability to copy nodes using drag-and-drop operation.

Version 1.2 of the tree control extends support for customizing the tree behavior by attaching JavaScript functions to different events, including drag and drop operations and loading process. This allows web developer to process user interaction with a web application more efficiently.

dhtmlxTree 1.2 also introduces some improvements in its checkbox system. Now there is an ability to hide or disable checkboxes for certain nodes or set a predefined value for some checkboxes if needed. Earlier introduced three-state checkboxes became Smart XML Parsing compatible and now the third “partly-checked” state can be set with XML.

This new release of the tree control provides enhanced support of various server-side technologies that facilitates easy integration with different web applications. dhtmlxTree 1.2 has Cold Fusion and JSP tags, as well as ASP.net custom control.

In addition, dhtmlxTree version 1.2 brings such new features as: nodes sorting and searching capabilities, changeable icon size, enriched client-side API, increased overall performance, more detailed documentation, new samples, etc. This latest release was tested with all existing standard document types, including XHTML.

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