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How To Improve DHTMLX Libraries? 3 Simple Ways

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As a follow-up to our news about DHTMLX Suite roadmap, we’d like to tell you how your suggestions can appear in new versions or on our public roadmap. It concerns not only dhtmlxSuite, but dhtmlxGantt, dhtmlxScheduler, dhtmlxVault and other components. So, do you have something to suggest?

How to Use dhtmlxScheduler with Ruby on Rails – Part 1 [Tutorial]

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In this tutorial we’d like to show you how to use our event calendar, dhtmlxScheduler, with Ruby on Rails, a web application framework written in Ruby. The tutorial consists of two parts: firstly, we’ll create a simple scheduler with data saving and loading, the second part is adding recurring events to it. Let’s start.

FireBase Adapter for Real-Time Apps with dhtmlxScheduler

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Some time ago we shared our first Firebase adapter created for dhtmlxGantt. And today we’d like to share the similar one, but for dhtmlxScheduler. Well, if you still didn’t meet Firebase, then you should know that it provides a realtime database and backend as a service. The service provides application developers an API that allows …

DHTMLX Scheduler .NET Event Calendar Updated to Version 3.3

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The ASP.NET version of DHTMLX Scheduler caught up to the update of our JavaScript version. Scheduler.Net 3.3 came out with the following new features and improvements: “Days” mode for Timeline view added Ability to show multiple days in Units view added Touch devices support in Timeline view improved New option for Tooltip extension added Client-side …

dhtmlxScheduler Updated to Version 4.3

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We are pleased to announce that our JavaScript Event Calendar, dhtmlxScheduler, is updated to the version 4.3. This update brings us some new features, lots of fixes and improvements. Multiple days in Units view This update introduces a long-awaited and cool ability to display multiple days in Units view. So now, using the days parameter, …

DHTMLX Scheduler Updated to Version 4.2

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Meet the updated version of our JavaScript Event Calendar – dhtmlxScheduler 4.2! This update introduces fixes of known bugs, performance improvements and a number of new and improved features. This update was directed to solve the known performance issues with the Timeline view – on most configurations the rendering time has been decreased in 2-3 …

DHTMLX Little-Known Features: Mini Calendar in dhtmlxScheduler

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Mini calendar in our JavaScript Scheduler can’t be named “little-known” feature and it’s some kind of “must have” in each event calendar. But in this article we’ll tell you about all the ways how and where you can place this small but very useful thing. So, let’s start. First of all, we need to add …