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UI vs UX (and how they intertwine)

5 min read
The differences between UI and UX have been underlined in many articles, however, their interdependence has not been enough put to the forefront. Long story short: UI stands for User Interface, and it deals with visual, g...
JavaScript block diagrams

JavaScript Block Diagrams for Simple Visualization

5 min read
In search of the right tool for visualizing systems and concepts don't forget about a simple and effective decision offered by JavaScript block diagrams. This diagram type helps to illustrate swiftly the main parts of a system...
UML Activity Diagram

UML Activity Diagram for Business and Programming

6 min read
JavaScript activity diagrams represent UML diagrams in our library. Their main purpose is to describe step-by-step activities and provide guidelines. You can test this diagram type in our 30-day trial version of dhtmlxDiagram....

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