New DHTMLX Bundle for Project Planning Solutions

We are eager to introduce a brand-new Planning bundle of DHTMLX components consisting of DHTMLX Gantt, Scheduler, Kanban, and To Do List.

The DHTMLX team focuses its efforts on delivering high-performance JavaScript libraries for enterprise-grade applications. We put special emphasis on solutions for project management, the realm that is growing day by day in response to modern challenges. For that reason we have recently enlarged our product line with JavaScript Kanban and To Do List components.

All DHTMLX libraries for project management can be synced with each other. Thus, it is possible to create a full-featured application for managing tasks and projects of any complexity. Here is a code snippet demonstrating how to integrate DHTMLX Gantt, Scheduler, and Kanban in one app:

If you’d like to provide a more specific view featuring separate tasks with deadlines and assigned users and with the ability to mark completed tasks, you can add DHTMLX To Do List to your application. The following code snippet shows how to run several projects using DHTMLX Scheduler and manage planned and completed tasks within these projects using To Do List:

DHTMLX To Do List can complement a Gantt-based app as well. While DHTMLX Gantt allows manipulating projects on a high level, the To Do List component helps to track and manage particular tasks more conveniently.

To manage projects specifically at the task level, you can combine DHTMLX Kanban and To Do List. Both components enable end-users to work with assignees, due dates, priority status, and track progress per each task. Swimlanes in DHTMLX Kanban represent projects, between which you can also switch using To Do List.

All DHTMLX components give a lot of room for customization. You can configure their behavior via flexible APIs and style their look and feel according to your requirements. In case any questions arise, our tech support team will eagerly guide you.

DHTMLX Planning bundle allows you to save not only time and effort but also money, as just like other bundles, it comes at a discounted price.

We invite you to test each library free of charge for 30 days first and decide upon the most suitable toolkit for your projects.

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