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timeline gantt chart

Comparing Gantt Chart and Timeline Chart

6 min read
From time to time during our professional career, we can stumble upon tools and techniques that seemingly perform the same work. This is also true for different types of charts. And if we can intuitively determine in what situ...

D3 Gantt Charts vs DHTMLX Gantt

5 min read
Presenting data in visual form allows absorbing information better. Different types of sophisticated lists, schedules, or measurements can be more understandable if we turn them into the charts or infographics. But when we tal...

2016: How It Was. 2017: How It Will Be

2 min read
Hello friends! 2016 was bright and remarkable year for our company and we want to summarize what has happened and what our plans are for 2017. dhtmlxSuite Our JavaScript library for creating enterprise web applications ...

Accessibility in Your Web Applications

4 min read
Following up our recent update of dhtmlxGantt and its new features, we'd like to provide you quite useful information about the necessity of accessibility support in your web applications. Adaptability and flexibility of mo...
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