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How to Add Rating Bar in dhtmlxGrid

3 min read
This quick tutorial leads you through the steps of adding a simple star rating bar in a cell of dhtmlxGrid. You'll learn how to create a custom exCell ("extended cell") that allows the end users to view/set the rating of an it...

Tips on How to Minify the DHTMLX Files

8 min read
This post is for developers who work closely with the DHTMLX library and would like to use its advantages in a most proper way. As you might already know, there are a few options to include the DHTMLX library on a page: ...

Custom Scroll for DHTMLX Components

1 min read
With the latest version of DHTMLX, you can add custom scrolls to the DHTMLX components, such as Grid, Tree, Layout, DataView, and others. The custom scroll looks and behaves similar to scrolls on Mac OS. The scroll bar is hidd...

DHTMLX Integration with Yii PHP Framework

7 min read
The DHTMLX component library offers a pure JavaScript/CSS solution for building web interfaces. The advantage of developing with the client-side library is that you can use it with your favorite server-side technology. In this...
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