DHTMLX Little-Known Features: Tooltips with Popup in dhtmlxCalendar

A week has passed since our previous tip and again we’re ready to share a cool and useful feature.

We want to show you how fast and simple you can put tooltips with a popup window into our JavaScript Date Picker, dhtmlxCalendar.

Just two steps!

Step 1.

First of all, we need to initialize dhtmlxCalendar on the page:

var myCalendar = new dhtmlXCalendarObject("objId");

Step 2.

Then we set tooltips on the dates which we’d like to mark, and specify the needed text:

myCalendar.setTooltip("2014-11-11,2014-11-12,2014-11-13,2014-11-14", "Going skiing to Vancouver", true, true);
myCalendar.setTooltip("2014-11-27", "Thanksgiving Day", true, true);
myCalendar.setTooltip("2014-11-30", "The end of Movember :)", true, true);

As a result:


That’s all. Just several lines of code and this nice-looking feature is ready.

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