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Maintenance Release: Kanban 1.1.1

1 min read
Welcome to the latest maintenance release from the DHTMLX team. In February, our developers delivered a minor update for the brand-new Kanban (v1.1) component. After receiving feedback on this release from our customers, we al...
DHTMLX maintenance release - Gantt and Scheduler components

Maintenance Release: Gantt 7.1.8, Scheduler 5.3.13

3 min read
It has been a very busy month for us at DHTMLX, but we are proud of the results. Our product portfolio was complemented with a new project management tool - JavaScript Kanban board. Apart from that, our development team also r...
dhtmlx kanban v1.0 release

Releasing DHTMLX Kanban Board v1.0

5 min read
The whole DHTMLX team is happy to announce the first release of our brand-new component - the JavaScript Kanban board. This tool is intended to easily visualize and manage workflows of any complexity. It has a user-friendly in...

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