dhtmlxGantt Updated to Version 3.0

We have such great news and are looking forward to share them with you. We have released the new version of our JavaScript Gantt chart – dhtmlxGantt v3.0.

This update comes with a long list of new features. All of them are aimed to extend the current functionality of the component and improve its performance. Among them you’ll find the ability to mark specific times in the timeline area, support of baselines/deadlines, simple api for managing editability/readonly modes of individual tasks, critical path calculation, etc.

Support of baselines, deadlines and other custom elements

The version 3.0 introduces the support of baselines, deadlines and other custom elements, which allows you to set additional elements, such as a baseline or deadline markers, in timeline area apart from the timeline’s grid, links and tasks.

dhtmlxGantt v3.0

Critical path calculation

One more highly-demanded feature added is critical path calculation. It allows you to estimate and display a sequence of tasks that can’t be delayed or else the whole project would be delayed. This tool is a “must-have” for risks and deadlines estimate.


Ability to mark specific times in the timeline area

With new version of dhtmlxGantt, you can add vertical markers to the timeline area. This will help you to highlight the important dates or date ranges. For example, add the today’s marker and it would be it easier for you to visually observe the current task or project progress every day.


Ability to resize grid columns and the grid itself from the UI

Since version 3.0, dhtmlxGantt becomes more flexible and now you can provide the users the possibility to resize a column just by dragging its border.

In addition to the previous feature, the PRO version of the gantt provides a simple API for hiding/showing columns of the grid dinamically. The following screenshot shows what can be achieved using this API along with context menu.


Simple API for managing editability / readonly modes of individual tasks

Version 3.0 provides you with the possibility to make a specific task readonly or editable while the other tasks may be in the opposite mode. In case when the task or link is in a readonly mode, it doesn’t react on clicks, double clicks, not draggable and not editable. The possibility to make an individual task editable or non-editable provides you an additional control on this task.

Inline color settings of tasks and links

The process of color setting becomes much easier. Now to set a color, all you need to do is to add “color” property to the task and you’ll get the needed result. It’s very convenient if the color set is stored in the database – in this case it’ll be added without any difficulties.

More and more

No less important new features and improvements – extended configuration of the lightbox time controls, dynamic loading, simple background rendering – are fully described in our documentation.

Apart from the adding of new features, we’ve fixed the known bugs and improved the performance.

View the full list of what’s new in dhtmlxGantt 3.0.

Other changes

There are also changes in editions and licensing. Check the changed license details on dhtmlxGantt page or contact us for more detailed information.

You may download dhtmlxGantt Standard Edition for free. Please note that some of the described new features are available in PRO Edition only.

The users with active support subscription will receive the updated version via email.

If you want to get the 30-day free Trial version of dhtmlxGantt PRO with all features, send us an email.

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