dhtmlxScheduler Updated to Version 4.1

We are pleased to announce the release of dhtmlxScheduler 4.1, an embeddable JavaScript scheduling calendar for planning and managing events and tasks.

Version 4.1 introduces a new flat skin, enhanced export to PNG and PDF, the ability to resize event boxes in Month View, and other useful features and improvements. Moreover, the updated dhtmlxScheduler allows you to drag-and-drop events between different schedulers (PRO feature) and highlight an event position on the time scale in Day, Week and Units Views.

New “Flat” Skin

With the new trendy and user-friendly “Flat” skin, dhtmlxScheduler will look great on your web apps and sites.

dhtmlxScheduler 4.1 - Flat Skin

Multisection Events in Timeline and Units Views

dhtmlxScheduler 4.1 comes with the new important feature for multiple resource views: Timeline and Units Views. With this update, you can add multisection events that will be assigned for several sections/resources at once (e.g. one task for several team members, or one event for several office locations).

If you look at the screenshot below, there are multisection tasks “Marketing strategy” and “Develop a web app” that are assigned for several team members at the same time. For example, “Marketing strategy” task is assigned to John Williams, David Miller, and Linda Brows. If you edit this task (or event, in other use cases) for John Williams, it will be automatically changed for other team members as well.

dhtmlxScheduler 4.1 - Multisection Events

Resizable Events in Month View

With the new dhtmlxScheduler version, it becomes possible to resize events in the Month View to modify the start/end date of the multiday event. Previously, if you wanted to change the start/end date of an event in Month View you had to edit its parameters in the popup form. Now you can simply drag the event edges.

dhtmlxScheduler 4.1 - Resizable Events

Dragging Events Between Schedulers

dhtmlxScheduler PRO Edition allows displaying multiple schedulers on a page and version 4.1 made it possible to drag-and-drop events between different schedulers. All the changes are automatically saved to the database.

Highlight Event Position on a Time Scale

In this release we’ve also added the ability to highlight the events position on the time scale (on the left) when you create a new event or resize an event box, which can be very handy especially for large screens.

dhtmlxScheduler 4.1 - Highlight Time Scale

Online Export to PDF/PNG Service

The new version of dhtmlxScheduler comes with the new online export service that allows you to export your calendar (preserving all its visual parameters) to PDF and PNG.

By default, the generated PDF/PNG document includes a watermark. If you want to remove the watermark, you can buy the export service for one domain for $70 per year. The users who have dhtmlxScheduler Commercial/Enterprise License can use this service without a watermark on one domain within the support period (30 days for Commercial License, 12 months for Enterprise License). For more details, contact us at sales@dhtmlx.com.

More Flexible Configuration of the Grid View

In the previous versions of dhtmlxScheduler the paging mode in Grid View couldn’t be customized. The calendar could only display one month per page. Starting with version 4.1, you can customize the time interval (for example, half a year or 3 months) that will be displayed per one page of the Grid View in your calendar.

The enhanced Grid View also supports dynamic data loading that is especially useful for loading long lists of events.

Other Improvements

This release includes various bug fixes including those noticed on Windows touch devices.

We have also updated dhtmlxScheduler demos by enabling configurations that solve several frequent issues (these configurations are usually enabled in real apps). These settings configure the behavior of recurring events and allow them to work in different time zones. We advise you to use these options in your new applications despite they are disabled in the component by default (it was made for backward compatibility with the existing applications).

To see the full list of changes, check our documentation.

Download dhtmlxScheduler Standard 4.1

The PRO Edition will be sent to the users with the Enterprise License and active support subscription by email.

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