DHTMLX Gantt Chart Updated to Version 2.1

We are proud to introduce the new version of our JavaScript Gantt chart library, dhtmlxGantt 2.1. An updated version fixes the known bugs, works better with large data sets, and comes with a number of new features, such as milestones, custom configuration of the lightbox, non-linear time scale, etc.

Some of the new and exciting features include:

Milestones and Custom Task Types

Version 2.1 comes with 3 pre-defined types of task: task, project, and milestone. Since each task type has its own configuration and parameters, the lightbox (task details form) for each task type shows custom structure and fields. If needed, you can change the task type in the lightbox or add a custom task type with its own lightbox structure.

DHTMLX Gantt Chart - Projects and Milestones

Project is a type of task that starts when its earliest child task starts, and ends when its latest child task ends. The project bars can’t be dragged or resized on the Gantt chart since their start/end time is linked to their child tasks.

Customizable Time Scales

Version 2.1 introduces the ability to hide some time units from the time scale. Practically it means that you can now display only work days on the scale and hide weekends. This feature also allows you to display only working hours (for example 9am – 5pm) instead of showing the 24 hours day on the scale. You can also use any custom logic to hide the unnecessary columns from the grid of the Gantt chart.

DHTMLX Gantt Chart - Customizable Time Scale

Only Working Hours in Task Duration

In addition to the previous feature, dhtmlxGantt 2.1 can now calculate the duration of the task taking into account work days and working hours only. You can eliminate days off/weekends and non-working hours from the task duration.

Multiple Gantt Charts on Page

Since version 2.1, you can place several Gantt charts on the same page. This feature is available in the PRO Edition only, which is distributed under the Enterprise License.

Other Enhancements

In this update we have also added more configuration options, API methods and events, fixed known bugs and corrected some localizations.

More technical details about the new features can be found in the documentation. You are welcome to download dhtmlxGantt Standard 2.1 from this page. Those who have the Enterprise License will receive the link to dhtmlxGantt PRO 2.1 by email.

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