Export to PDF/PNG for DHTMLX Diagram

With DHTMLX Diagram you can export your diagrams to PDF or PNG formats. Free online export is available by default.

Get Your Own Export Module

Install the export service on your server with Docker image.

We can provide you with Docker image of the export module that can be installed on any Linux server with a single command.

With Docker image of the export module you get:

All updates and fixes to the export service (working image can be updated with a single command);
1 year of free support (consultations) starting from the date of purchase.

Single license for the module costs $350. However, the PDF/PNG export module is provided free of charge if you obtain the Commercial, Enterprise or Ultimate license of DHTMLX Diagram.

By purchasing the export package, you have the right to install just one copy of it.


If you have any questions related to the export service, please feel free to contact us.