DHTMLX Spreadsheet Export

On this page you find out the ways of exporting DHTMLX Spreadsheet to Excel.

Purchase Local Export Module

You can launch the export module on any Linux server with a single command since we supply you with a Docker image of it.

Besides, you get for free within one year from the date of purchase:

All updates and fixes to the export service;
support (consultations) on the product.

By purchasing the export module, you are entitled to install just one copy of it. All the terms of using the export service are described in the license agreement. The single license for the export module costs $350. Having obtained the Enterprise or Ultimate license of DHTMLX Spreadsheet, you get the export module free of charge.


Get Free Export Services


You can install a WebAssembly-based JSON2Excel library that allows generating Excel files from JSON data. Users will be able to export data from a spreadsheet via the corresponding controls in the Toolbar and Menu.

The way of launching JSON2Excel is completely described in the documentation.

JSON2Excel export module goes under MIT license.

DHTMLX Spreadsheet allows converting Excel files to JSON data by installing a WebAssembly-based Excel2Json library. Users may import data from Excel via the proper controls in the Toolbar and Menu.

You can learn about how to install and configure an Excel2Json export module in the documentation.

Excel2Json library goes under MIT license.

If you have any questions related to the export service, please feel free to contact us.