Excel2Table - Speedy Excel to HTML Converter

An open-source library that helps to convert Excel files to HTML tables with all formatting preserved. Developed by DHTMLX team using WebAssembly and the Rust programming language for building high-speed web apps.

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Extremely Fast Generation of HTML Tables from Excel

Take a quick and safe way to display
Excel in HTML

Excel2Table makes use of the WebAssembly binary format, which is run natively in web browsers, and Rust programming language with a compact-sized and safe code. It makes our library a reliable and fast tool for converting Excel files into HTML.

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Embed a convenient Excel file viewer

Converting Excel data into an HTML table allows you to create accurate Excel file previews, which can be used in file managers and document management systems. All the styles and formatting is saved and preserved in the HTML format. That’s why you get an exact web-based version of your Excel sheet.

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Update your website data dynamically

With the help of our library, you can always display real-time data on your website or in a web app. No more manual work - content is dynamically imported from Excel immediately into your HTML table. It allows you to keep price lists, product features, and any other important pieces of information up-to-date.

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Customize the embedded data
to meet your needs

After you’ve imported your content into an HTML table, you are free to customize it the way you need. Apply styles and formatting to harmonize the look and feel with the rest of your web app.

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