DHTMLX Grid and TreeGrid Export

Know how to way around exporting DHTMLX Grid and TreeGrid to Excel and PDF/PNG.
Free online export service is available by default.

Export Data Tables Safely with a Local Export Module

You can obtain local export modules as add-ons to DHTMLX Grid and TreeGrid. Modules allow you to install them to your server and export data securely without sending it to any third-party service. We provide technical support as well as fixes and updates of export modules for 1 year starting from the purchase date.

Export to Excel
Export to PDF/PNG

DHTMLX can supply you with a Docker image of the export module that can be installed on any Linux server with a single command.

You also get within a year from the date of purchase:

updates and fixes,
free-of-charge email support.

By purchasing the export module, you have the right to install just one copy of it. All the terms of using the export service are detailed in the license agreement. The single license for the export module costs $350. However, you can obtain the Enterprise or Ultimate license of DHTMLX Grid or DHTMLX TreeGrid and get the export module free of charge.

Please note that when exporting DHTMLX TreeGrid to Excel, you will get a flat data table like in this snippet.

This export module enables exporting DHTMLX Grid and TreeGrid into PDF and PNG formats.

It is a Node.js application written in JavaScript and can be installed in two ways:

As a standalone export module working locally on your computer even offline,
As a Docker image deployed on your own Linux server with a single command.

You can get this module free of charge if you purchase the Commercial, Enterprise or Ultimate license of DHTMLX Grid or TreeGrid. If you decide to buy it separately, it will cost $350 per instance.

This local export module to PDF/PNG also works with DHTMLX Charts. To use it with the charting library, please buy it separately.

Free Online Export Service

By default, you can export data from DHTMLX Grid and TreeGrid into Excel and from DHTMLX Grid, TreeGrid, and Charts into PDF/PNG using our online export service free of charge.

You may use it under the following conditions:

under GNU GPL license with DHTMLX watermark for DHTMLX Grid and Charts,
within the support period of 12 months under active Individual, Commercial or Enterprise licenses without the watermark,
3 years after license purchase under the Ultimate license without a watermark.

After your DHTMLX support period expires, you may purchase a 12-month export subscription for $70 for 1 domain to continue using our online export service without a watermark. To do so, please contact sales.

If you have any questions related to the export service, please feel free to contact us.