Do you use or planning to use our online MS Project Export Service? We have a couple of questions that are important for future updates of this service, don't pass by.

Export to PDF/PNG for Gantt and Scheduler

With dhtmlxGantt and dhtmlxScheduler you can export your chart or your calendar to PDF or PNG formats. There are several options how you can use it:

Free export service included by default

This ability is available for free under GPL license (the exported files will have DHTMLX watermark). If you purchase a license, then you can use the export service within the support period (1 month in Commercial and 12 months in Enterprise license) without a watermark.

If you want to extend the period of using the export service without a watermark, you can purchase a 12 months subscription for $70 per year for one domain.

Installing the service on your own server with docker image

We can provide you the docker image of the export module that can be installed on any Linux server with a single command. You will be able to access all updates and fixes to the service (working image can be updated with single command) Single license for the module costs $350

VM image for Amazon cloud

You will be able to run your own copy of export module in Amazon cloud. You will have access to updated images, with new features and fixes for the export service. Single license for the module costs $350.

Install the Export module on your server directly

To do so we need to have a root access to your server. In such scenario we will install current version of service only, without access to future updates. Single license for the module costs $350 + the cost for installation work.

In both cases the minimal tech. specs of server are:
CPU: 1 core
Memory: 512Mb

General Terms of Export Module License

By purchasing the export package, you have the right to install just one copy of it.

The license includes 1 year of free support (consultations) starting from the date of purchase.

The license includes free bug fixes for 1 year starting from the date of purchase.

The text of License Agreement can be reached here.

If you are interested in any of the proposed options, please contact us.