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Examples of DHTMLX JavaScript Libraries Customization by XB Software

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During the last ten years, DHTMLX products have gained popularity in the world of web development thanks to the availability of highly-demanded functionalities, comprehensive API, smooth integration with other technologies, and especially for their extensive customization possibilities. Our JavaScript libraries frequently become core components of enterprise web apps of any complexity. Such software solutions are …

How to Create a JavaScript Network Diagram with DHTMLX

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JS Network Diagram - DHTMLX

We continue the series of blog posts on how to create popular types of diagrams available in the DHTMLX Diagram library. This time, we will provide you with a detailed guide on how to build a JavaScript network diagram using our diagramming component. Equip yourself with a DHTMLX Diagram trial version and follow the instructions …

5 Ways on How to Improve Your API’s Performance [Guest Post]

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Improve API Performance

One thing most people forget about APIs is that they slow down over time. When it’s brand-new and fresh into its integration, the new service may be very fast and responsive. But as the months pass and new complexities are introduced into the system, the API becomes more prone to delay and error. In some …

Announcing DHTMLX Code Snippet Tool

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DHTMLX Code Snippet Tool

Our development team continues to expand the portfolio of developer helping tools that contribute to the increase of development productivity and ensure greater convenience in working with DHTMLX products. This time we are happy to announce a new code snippet tool designed as an effective and faster way to build interactive samples of our components …

How to Create a Basic Gantt Chart with Salesforce Lightning [Video Guide]

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Salesforce Gantt chart

Introduction If you’re developing a project management application based on the Salesforce Lightning platform, you probably use the Lightning Web Components (LWC) that significantly simplify and accelerate the process of building responsive applications for any device. But any modern project management app can hardly be good enough for achieving complex business objectives without a Gantt …

How to Create a JavaScript UML Class Diagram with DHTMLX

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JS UML Class Diagram - DHTMLX

UML class diagram plays a key role in representing a system’s structure visually. This type of diagram complements a variety of data visualization tools available in the DHTMLX Diagram library. You can download a 30-day free trial version of our Diagram library and create your own JavaScript UML class diagrams following our step-by-step guide. What …

Vue.js Integration for Suite UI Components

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Suite UI components with Vue.js

After delivering integration examples with two widely used frameworks: Angular and React, we settled down to Vue.js. You can find live samples of Suite UI components together with the full source code that you can use in your Vue-based apps on our GitHub Pages. Examples of UI components with Vue.js are divided into five sections: …

DHTMLX Suite 6.5: TypeScript Definitions, Grid and TreeGrid Columns’ Drag-n-Drop, Grouping TreeGrid Data, and New Angular Demo

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DHTMLX Suite 6.5

The summer season at DHTMLX opens with a major release of our JavaScript UI library – Suite 6.5. The update accommodated some highly demanded features requested by our clients like TypeScript support, grouping TreeGrid data, and drag-n-drop of columns in Grid and TreeGrid. Besides, our development team designed new examples of using Suite UI components …