dhtmlxTabbar v1.1: Create Rich DHTML Tab Interfaces

DHTMLX team has released the new version 1.1 of dhtmlxTabbar, simple and flexible JavaScript UI control for building tabbed interfaces. Now this Ajax-based tab bar allows developers easily create nested tabs, initialize tabbar in pure HTML without single javascript command and manage tabs layout and appearance on the fly using its script API.

DHTMLX announced the release of dhtmlxTabbar v1.1. This new version of Ajax-enabled DHTML tabbar introduces complete xHTML compatibility, extended browser support (now including Safari, IE7 and Mozilla 2.0) and other significant enhancements, which enrich tabbar functionality and improve its usability.

Change tabbar configuration dynamically
Besides adding and deleting tabs, now some more operations can be performed dynamically, e.g. tabs can be enabled/disabled, hidden/shown with JavaScript code. Tab labels can be also modified on the fly by script. This functionality makes tabbar more flexible and interactive.

Adjustable tab container size
Version 1.1 provides different possibilities to set the size of tab container. Thus, the size can be automatically adjusted to inner content, so the tab pane will suit the size of the selected tab. Also, tabbar size can be bound to the size of parental block, in this case during resize operation tab pane dimensions are changed accordingly. Additionally, there is a possibility to modify the size of tab container by JavaScript and change it dynamically on some event.

Easy HTML initialization
With this new version dhtmlxTabbar provides developers with the ability to easily initialize tab bar in pure HTML (without any script code). The list of HTML attributes is greatly extended, so now tabbar configuration and layout can be defined without JavaScript coding.

Create nested tabs
One more noticeable enhancement in version 1.1 is the ability to create nested tab panes, when tabbar can be placed inside another tab page. Along with multiline tabs, scrollable tabs and different tabs orientations (top, bottom, left, right), this new feature allows developers to create rich tabbed interfaces.

Extended capabilities of Ajax loading
Now content of tab pages can be loaded asynchronously not only from XML but from HTML files also. Moreover, if HTML document contains JavaScript, the script will still run inside the tab pane.

dhtmlxTabbar 1.1 is available in two editions: Standard Edition and Professional Edition. The Standard edition is licensed under GNU General Public License (GPL) and can be downloaded from dhtmlxTabbar Homepage. Professional Edition provides enriched functionality and can be purchased according to Commercial license ($69 per application).

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