dhtmlxTabbar – Creating Dynamic Tabbed Interface Has Never Been Easier!

DHTMLX team is very proud to announce its new cross-browser JavaScript component dhtmlxTabbar 1.0. This Ajax-enabled DHTML control provides quick and efficient solution for building tab style interface. It supports different tab positions, tabs scrolling and multiline tabs.

DHTMLX team announces the release of dhtmlxTabbar v1.0, new JavaScript component for creating intuitive tabbed interface. The control extends DHTMLX line of Ajax-powered web UI controls and provides easy and effective solution to display large volumes of information within one web page. The tab control allows you to distribute content among the tabs and present it in a compact way.

Easy to implement
The tab bar can be easily initialized on a web page without using JavaScript coding. You can simply create DIV container with CSS class named “dhtmlxTabBar” and put desirable tabs content inside its child elements. The script will automatically display these elements in a tabbed view. However, you can still use JavaScript to assign content inside DIVs to the tabs. A tab page can hold any HTML inside the DIV element.

Choose the way to display tab content
Tab pages can hold various types of information, e.g. text, images, and other HTML elements. The content of the tab page can be displayed in IFrame or loaded dynamically using Ajax. Create fast-responding tabbed interface and reduce page load time.

Ajax-enabled JavaScript Tab Bar

Customizable tabs orientation
Tabs can be top, bottom, right and left oriented, so you can select any tabs position to fit your design needs. dhtmlxTabbar supports multiline and scrollable tabs to effectively organize large number of tabs.

Full control over the look and feel
dhtmlxTabbar is fully configurable and provides wide opportunities for creation of neat, interactive user interface. Rich JavaScript API enables complete customization of tabs view and behavior. You can use one of preset styles to define tabs appearance or apply your own style.

Cross-browser compatible, XML driven and Ajax-enabled, dhtmlxTabbar lets you create tabbed navigation interface in a matter of minutes.

dhtmlxTabbar 1.0 is available in two editions: Standard Edition and Professional Edition. The Standard edition is free for non-commercial use (GNU General Public License – GPL) and can be downloaded from dhtmlxTabbar Homepage. Professional Edition provides enriched functionality and can be purchased according to Commercial license ($69 per application).

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