dhtmlxGrid v1.2: Create DHTML Tables with Real-Time Performance

DHTMLX team launched the new version 1.2 of its JavaScript grid control dhtmlxGrid. Enriched by new powerful features, this version allows easy creation of dynamical tables with draggable columns, multiline headers/footers, per-cell formatting and the ability to work with clipboard and load data from (or serialize to) CSV. Developers will get more new event handlers and extended script API.

We released dhtmlxGrid v1.2. The new version of this AJAX-powered grid control introduces a number of new features which extend existing user experience capabilities and provides developers with more control over the grid.

Ajax-enabled JavaScript Grid Control

Expanded opportunities to manage grid columns
Version 1.2 allows easy reordering of grid columns either through script API or using drag-n-drop functionality (earlier applied to rows). Besides that, now columns can be inserted/removed with JavaScript on the fly.

Complex headers
With this new version dhtmlxGrid can handle multiline headers and footers with different combinations of colspan/rowspan. Also, there is the ability to place complex HTML objects (controls) inside header/footer cells (e.g for filtering functionality or sum total).

Per-cell formatting
As against previous versions where cell type can be applied to the whole column only, in version 1.2 in-cell editor can be set individually for each cell that makes the grid more flexible and customizable.

dhtmlxTreeGrid improvements
dhtmlxGrid extension dhtmlxTreeGrid also underwent some changes with this release. Now it can work in split mode and dynamically render treegrid rows on node opening using smart XML parsing functionality, which allows the treegrid to work with large datasets without performance loss.

Moreover, dhtmlxGrid 1.2 provides some small but significant enhancements such as ability so set optimal column size by double-click, remember columns size and automatically convert HTML tables into dynamical grid without a line of script. Also, this version introduces clipboard support and ability to load grid data from CSV file (as well as to serialize to SCV format).

dhtmlxGrid 1.2 is available in two editions: Standard and Professional. The Standard edition is licensed under GNU General Public License (GPL) and can be downloaded from Grid Homepage. Professional Edition provides enriched functionality and can be purchased according to Commercial license ($149).

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