dhtmlxGantt Is 8 Years Old: Release History in Infographics

Today, on April 19, dhtmlxGantt turns 8 years old. Since 2010 our team has been working fruitfully on the development of the most complete gantt chart library for project management. On its 8th anniversary we’re proud to share the milestones of dhtmlxGantt history.

But firstly, we’d like to thank all our clients for relying on us and wish you to have a successful work with our library! We’re here to fulfill your needs and provide you with the best possible solutions.

What Makes dhtmlxGantt Popular?

We’re very pleased to admit that dhtmlxGantt has been in high demand since its release in 2010. It’s a pure Javascript library with rich and flexible API for building full-featured gantt charts. Gantt charts enjoy great popularity among project managers helping them to schedule tasks, assign resources, estimate project workload and, thus, stay both efficient and effective.

dhtmlxGantt provides cross-browser support as well as any imaginable client-side and server-side integration. It also enables full customization of all gantt chart’s elements. At the same time end users benefit from incredibly fast performance, intuitive UI and accessibility options. Our dhtmlxGantt boasts of having such outstanding features as task auto scheduling, creating working calendars for different tasks and resources and a variety of other resource management features.

To make a long story short, check our release history in infographics:

dhtmlxGantt in infoographics

If you haven’t made up your mind yet whether to try dhtmlxGantt or not, we’re happy to share:

Contact us if you have any questions and try dhtmlxGantt now!

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