9 Incredible Years with dhtmlxScheduler: Anniversary Infographics

May 20, 2009 is the day dhtmlxScheduler was released for the first time.

From the very beginning our calendar component was distinguished by its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, support for all major browsers and easy JavaScript API configuration. Over 9 years dhtmlxScheduler has gone through significant improvements, acquired plenty of sought-after features and gained popularity among numerous developers.

With our Ajax-enabled javascript calendar you can create various events making them recurring or lasting for several days in a row. But among the most awesome features are multiple calendar views for displaying events the way you need. You can have an overview of all planned events in the Agenda View or attach a map to find your destination quickly in the Map View. You can add any items, to which you’d like to assign events, in multiple-resource views (Units View and Timeline View). All in all, there are 10 views to build any calendar for any purpose.

Through its development dhtmlxScheduler has turned into a highly customizable event/booking calendar. Every element can be modified to cater for your needs including custom views and skins. For that reason dhtmlxScheduler can be applied in a wide variety of fields from hotel booking or car rental service to medical appointment or human resource management.

We continue to constantly enhance dhtmlxScheduler functionality. On the eve of its 9th anniversary we’ve rolled out a major update 5.0 with modern Material design look, improved server-side integration and flexible skin customization. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Besides, we’ve decided to keep on with the series of infographics devoted to the release history of our products and designed special anniversary infographics with love to dhtmlxScheduler:

dhtmlxSchedule Anniversary Infographics

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