dhtmlxConnector for ColdFusion v1.0

Today we have great news for those who use ColdFusion on the server side! We have released version 1.0 of dhtmlxConnector for ColdFusion. The Connector library provides the ability to bind client-side DHTMLX components to a server-side data source, offering an effective way of Ajax-enabled data communication between JavaScript API and a server back-end (PHP, .NET, Java, and now ColdFusion).

While the DHTMLX library allows you to build a dynamic front-end for your application, dhtmlxConnector minimizes your effort in linking the content of UI components to the database. It works with the following components that need their data to be loaded from a database and saved back, once a user makes changes in the browser: Tree, Grid, TreeGrid, Combo, DataView, Form, Chart, and Scheduler.

Download version 1.0 for ColdFusion or visit this page to learn more about dhtmlxConnector. The package includes examples for all the components mentioned above.

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