DHTMLX Has Been Updated to Version 2.1

DHTMLX announced the update of their Ajax UI toolkit, a comprehensive set of full-featured JavaScript components. The DHTMLX library enables web developers to create rich and high-performing web applications with less effort and time.

Version 2.1 introduces lots of significant improvements and bug fixes. The updated components bring better stability and performance, and provide compatibility with IE8 RC, Google Chrome 2, and Safari 4, in addition to other supported browsers.

One of the key products, dhtmlxGrid, was enhanced with extended grouping functionality and faster rendering capabilities.

Also, a couple of innovations have been introduced:

The first one is dhtmlxConnector which provides an easy way to connect client-side components to the server-side database (currently available for PHP only). This extension handles client – server interaction for DHTMLX components which content is bound to the server database, such as grid, treegrid, tree, and combo. It also provides such functionality as loading/editing data, server-side sorting, filtering, paging, etc.

Another addition in this release is dhtmlxTree.Net, an ASP.Net control built over dhtmlxTree component, which provides an easy way to build navigation treeviews with complete feature set and Ajax support. The rich client-side functionality of dhtmlxTree remained the same, but now the component can be effortlessly integrated in .Net applications.

To download the Standard Edition of DHTMLX v2.1, please visit this page:
To learn how to obtain the Professional Edition of DHTMLX v2.1, please follow this link:

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