dhtmlxChart: Quick and Easy-to-Use JavaScript Charts

By creating our UI components, we’ve tried to provide you with a useful, out-of-the-box solution that saves you precious time and helps you to create outstanding web applications. Today we are happy to introduce a fresh member of the DHTMLX team – dhtmlxChart (go to the charts homepage to download the package and see live demo).

dhtmlxChart is a pure JavaScript component for generating Ajax-enabled charts on a web page. This is just a release candidate, but it includes all the features of the final version (it will be available as a part of the upcoming version 2.6).

During development, we tried to take into consideration all the key user requirements, the advantages and shortcomings of similar products, and the developers’ needs. We created the library based on 3 main criteria:

  • Simplicity
  • Functionality
  • Supporting materials


We have done our best to make the library flexible and configurable. All the methods are intelligible, intuitive and easy to use.


It’s maybe the highlight of dhtmlxChart. Every feature of the library is carefully created to facilitate your chart creation:

Completely written in JavaScript:
No need to setup additional stuff such as Flash or Java runtime.
Moreover, considering that Apple have refused from Flash, your future Mac or iPad users will probably say “thank you” for using pure JavaScript products.

Enhanced representation:
Comprehensive collection of properties and events to configure (tooltips, scales, templates, labels etc.) gives you the freedom to create different kind of charts with customizable appearance and data representation.

Interactive actions:
dhtmlxChart supports interactive actions through wide script API, so you can change charts dynamically. Ajax support allows you to show the changes on the fly without page reload.

Data sources variety:
You can choose the type of datasource to load charts from. The charts can be loaded from XML, JSON , JS Array, or CSV.

Different chart types:
The library includes the most popular chart types: bar chart, pie chart, and line chart. By customizing the chart elements you can control how the charts will be displayed on page, and thereby give them the right look which will meet the needs of your application.

DHTMLX compatibility:
dhtmlxChart is compatible with such dhtmlx components as dhtmlxLayout (a chart will resize according to the layout cell size) and dhtmlxGrid (dhtmlxChart methods lets you take data for a chart directly from the grid).

Cross-browser support:
The charts library works in all modern web browsers (IE6 +, Safari 3.x +, Firefox 1.5 +, Opera 9 +, Google Chrome 0.2 +, or any other browsers based on Mozilla or Web-kit engine).

Supporting materials

The library has complete documentation where all methods are described in details and with examples. We have placed more than 20 samples at your disposal as well.

We hope you enjoy our new product.

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