Bug Fix Release for DHTMLX 3.6 Available

We would like to announce the new build of DHTMLX 3.6. This bug-fix release includes a lot of small enhancements and some new features, and improves the stability of the DHTMLX widgets. The PRO users with active support period will receive the download link to the latest dhtmlxSuite PRO package by email.

Download dhtmlxSuite Standard 3.6 Build 130619

What has been fixed in this release:


  • blockOffset attribute added, allows to change left-side block offset
  • enableCustomColors/customColors attributes added for colorpicker
  • fieldsets-in-a-row overlapping fixed
  • skin autodetect added
  • highlight focused checkbox/radio for skyblue/web skins
  • empty commas fix ([,,,] in init)
  • fix validation for radio (‘return null’ bug)
  • onKeyUp/onKeyDown events fixed (broken args), added for button
  • uploader – content-type added in samples
  • uploader – autoStart for HTML4 fix
  • reloadOptions added (the ability to reload options for combo, select, multiselect)
  • minutesInterval, showWeekNumbers attributes added for calendar
  • block-float fix for IE
  • width calculation for input/select and fieldset improved
  • uploader – adding files into the list and drag-and-drop fixed for Safari 5.0.5 – 5.1.7 for Windows


  • header/footer rendering improved, detach added, demo updated
  • collapsed vertical text for IE10


  • demo with grid fixed
  • position determine logic improved
  • onBeforeHide event added
  • display text inside popup improved for IE6/quircks modes


  • the ability to set interval for minutes added
  • the ability to set tooltips for dates added (also popup-based tooltips)
  • onMouseOver/onMouseOut events added
  • skin autodetect added
  • week numbers added
  • show/hide time imporved
  • selector behaviour fixed for IE
  • onPopupShow/onPopupHide events added
  • getCellDimension function added


  • reset button hover state on layout’s view change fixed
  • buttonSelect fix for IE
  • input was not clickable on iPad – fixed


  • fix for slow rendering in large option lists

If you need to update the individual DHTMLX components, you can download them on this page.

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