dhtmlxSuite 5.0.8 Maintenance Release [PRO]

The DHTMLX JavaScript widget library gets minor improvements and is updated to the version 5.0.8. It’s a planned maintenance release that includes the following fixes and improvements:


  • loadStructHTML API for the form added
  • onBeforeFileUpload event for vault and form uploader added
  • work of getItem for checkboxes fixed
  • myForm getInput for non-input types fixed

dhtmlxMenu / dhtmlxToolbar

  • using icons in menu with inline data fixed
  • regression in context menu behavior on IE fixed
  • hide context menu after click in the grid fixed
  • clearAll for toolbar fixed


  • folder icon after deleting all child items fixed


  • ability to provide config object to attachGrid method added
  • getCellExcellType API added
  • getRowData, setRowData API for the grid added
  • autocomplete for combo in grid fixed
  • collecting options for select filters from tree cell fixed
  • dynamic data loading in json mode fixed
  • filtering of sub-trees fixed
  • filters and null values in json data fixed
  • grid in split multiline mode and filters fixed
  • grid in the layout attached to a popup, and row selecting problem fixed
  • incorrect getValue for empty “dyn” cell fixed
  • performance of x-scrolling in google chrome fixed
  • incorrect behaviour of selectBlock fixed
  • sorting of the co/coro columns fixed


  • memory leaks in chart fixed

dhtmlxDataView / dhtmlxList

  • multiselect on MacOs fixed

dhtmlxLayout / dhtmlxWindows

  • window triggers onResizeFinish after min|max operations added
  • invalid processing of detached urls fixed

PRO users can download the updated version in their cabinet or wait for a newsletter. All these updates will appear in the Standard Edition in the next minor or major update.

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