Version 1.6 of DHTMLX Ajax Components Suite Released, Now with Calendar Control

DHTMLX has released the update of its JavaScript widget library, an Ajax UI toolkit that includes the most widely used controls for creating advanced user interfaces for DHTML-based applications. The new release includes updates for the most popular DHTMX components: grid, treegrid, tree and combo, and also introduces dhtmlxCalendar.

DHTMLX is pleased to announce the complete release of version 1.6 of their AJAX components suite. DHTMLX UI components provide a client-side JavaScript solution to build advanced web interfaces with complex functionality and effective data-binding capabilities. Version 1.6 introduces innovative features for most of DHTMLX components as well as improved stability and performance of the whole Suite.

Listed below are the most important new features incorporated in DHTMLX components:

dhtmlxGrid v1.5:
– Search functionality – a search box can be attached to any column; while user types in the box, grid dynamically searches through the records and highlights a row that contains a look up value;
– Filtering – textbox, selectbox or combobox can be used to filter grid data (both alphabetic and numeric values);
– Grouping – grid now has the ability to group rows by a column value;
– Auto-calculated values in footer/header – grid calculates sum of numeric values dynamically while they are edited by user;
– Sub-rows and sub-grids – each row in the grid can contain an expandable sub-row or a child grid which can be loaded by Ajax;
– Pivot ready – grid can be used as a base for pivot table.

dhtmlxTreeGrid v1.5:
– Nodes connection lines – tree lines can be shown to visualize hierarchical structure of data;
– Improved loading performance (15-25%) – TreeGrid code was optimized to have better performance.

dhtmlxTree v1.6:
– JSON/CSV support – in addition to advanced XML support dhtmlxTree now support loading data from JSON or CSV;
– Smart Rendering for large trees – greatly increases overall performance of trees with big number of items per level (500 and more).

dhtmlxCombo v1.2:
– Common events system implemented – now events such as onChange, OnKeyPressed, OnBlur and OnSelectionChange can be processed .

dhtmlxCalendar v1.0
With this new release one more component was added to DHTMLX line of products – dhtmlxCalendar. It is a simple, nice-looking and easy-to-use calendar control which can be used as a popup date picker or a flat calendar. dhtmlxCalendar provides the base functionality necessary to implement intuitive date selection.

DHTMLX Ajax Calendar

All the updated components come with fixed known issues, optimized existing functionality and performance enhancements. The new release can be downloaded from DHTMLX website. All new features can be found live in Samples and Docs Explorer.

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