Suite 5.1 Released: TypeScript, JSON and Promise API Support for All Components

We are glad to introduce a new version of the DHTMLX JavaScript widget library – the version 5.1 brings you such helpful updates as TypeScript support, availability of JSON data loading for all components, and Promise API for Ajax requests.

Download dhtmlxSuite 5.1, JavaScript UI library for building high-performance web applications.

TypeScript Support

If you have ever used TypeScript, there is no need for us to list its advantages – you already know them. And today you’ll be happy to learn that starting from the version 5.1, dhtmlxSuite officially supports TypeScript.

TypeScript allows you to write complex solutions that are easier developed and tested in future. In case of dhtmlx it means that:

  • You can use type checking to write a more stable code;
  • All modern IDE will provide suggestions and code completion for DHTMLX component.

The typescript definitions are included in the Suite package. You can find dhtmlx.d.ts file in the codebase folder of the package.

Also, we have updated DHTMLX Optimus, our micro framework for DHTMLX based apps, to the version 0.4. Now it can be used with TypeScript as well.

Promise API added

With dhtmlxSuite 5.1, you can use promise API when working with Ajax requests. Promise objects helps you to structure the logic of your application and significantly reduce code. All existing data loading API was updated to return promises. Changes are backward compatible, so you need not change anything in the already existing code.

You can find more information of how to work with promises and dhtmlx in our documentation.

JSON Data Loading and Data Saving

While most DHTMLX components already support JSON data loading, starting from version 5.1 this behavior covers all functionality. Now, if you want to use JSON, you can use it everywhere, for data loading and for data saving. There are no operations which are limited to XML data anymore.

What is more, now dataProcessor can be used in REST-JSON mode, to simplify integration with modern server-side frameworks.

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This update is available for both Standard and PRO Editions.

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