Scheduler 4.4 Released: Accessibility Support and Minor Improvements

We are excited to announce a minor update of dhtmlxScheduler. Meet the version 4.4 with accessibility features and tons of small improvements.

Download dhtmlxScheduler 4.4 and test the updated version right now

Accessible Web Calendar for Everybody

Catching up accessibility update of dhtmlxGantt, the same features appear in dhtmlxScheduler. Starting from 4.4, you can make use of WAI-ARIA, keyboard navigation and high-contrast skins when creating accessible web applications with scheduler.

WAI-ARIA support in dhtmlxScheduler is developed based on W3C standards, and it gives the people who use screen readers ability to reach all the calendar features.

With keyboard navigation enabled, you can navigate the calendar without mouse pointers just by means of keyboard shortcuts. We provide a set of predefined shortcuts, but you can easily extend that list based on your needs. Find out more information in our docs or try yourself.

keyboard navigation in dhtmlxScheduler

Similar to dhtmlxGantt update, we present two high-contrast skinsWhite and Black. Both skins passed contrast tests and can be used by the users with different types of visual disabilities.

High-contrast skin scheduler (black) 850

High-contrast skin scheduler lightbox (black) 850

High-contrast skin scheduler (white) 850

If you still wonder why to use accessible web components at your development, read this article.

Accessibility support is available in both Standard and PRO Editions.

Content Security Policy Compliance

To make your applications more secure, you are welcome to use a new ext/dhtmlxscheduler_csp.js extension that allows working with dhtmlxScheduler in case Content Security Policy (CSP) is enabled in the app.

Improving the existing functionality

Besides new features, you can enjoy more stable and updated version of dhtmlxScheduler that includes multiple improvements. Here is a list of the most important updates we should put an emphasis on:

  • Ability to enable markTimespan for the Month view
  • Ability to remove recurring marker from a specific date added
  • Ability to skip days in the Year view added
  • delimiter option of the Multiselect control
  • compatibility of external drag-n-drop with the latest dhtmlxSuite updated
  • merge CSP-improvements request from public repo
  • Minor performance improvements for timeline
  • Normalize z-index values, add styles for latest dhtmlxCombo

Full list can be found in our docs.

PRO users can find the updated version in their cabinet, or wait for a newsletter with the download link (you’ll get it soon). The standard version is available on our website.

If you want to try PRO Edition of dhtmlxScheduler, you’re welcome to get free 30-days trial. Thank you for staying with us! We hope you’ll enjoy the update.

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