Spreadsheet 2.1 Released: PHP 7 and PDO Support

It has been a long time since we updated dhtmlxSpreadsheet last time, but here it is – the version 2.1 is out! New version of our JavaScript/PHP spreadsheet supports PHP 7.0 now and uses PDO (PHP Data Objects) for data access. More details below.


PDO extension support and MsSQL

Starting from the version 2.1, dhtmlxSpreadsheet uses PDO extension, which allows to use the component with wide range of DataBases (Mysql, Postgres, SQLite, Oracle, MsSQL, etc.)

Default installation is ready to be used with MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server. Other database types will require a bit of extra configuration.

PHP 7.0 support

dhtmlxSpreadsheet 2.1 is now officially compatible with PHP 7, so you can use most modern technologies when building apps using our spreadsheet tool (PHP 5.x is still supported as well).

You may download GPL version of dhtmlxSpreadsheet here. The licensed users will receive the updated version via email.

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