dhtmlxTreeGrid v1.0 Released

DHTMLX released new cross-browser JavaScript data-entry control dhtmlxTreeGrid v1.0. This DHTML component combines tabular and hierarchical data representation and allows creating of collapsible tables with multiple cell types, rich API and Ajax support.

DHTMLX released new TreeGrid JavaScript control dhtmlxTreeGrid, the extension of its editable data grid dhtmlxGrid. This new component represents a combination of tree view and table forms, and provides a helpful solution for organizing complex data in business applications.

dhtmlxTreeGrid - Ajax TreeGrid control

dhtmlxTreeGrid uses Ajax principles for client-server data exchange that makes it fast and responsive. Due to advanced data loading, this TreeGrid allows developers to create interactive user interface and organize hierarchical information into dynamic and editable tables. Grid data can be entered and edited on client side without page reload.

Intuitive design of dhtmlxTreeGrid allows user to manipulate tabular data in easy and comfortable way. Advanced drag-and-drop mechanism brings greater UI flexibility to the TreeGrid. It makes it possible to reorder grid rows at runtime and enables moving of parent tree nodes with all the attached sub-rows. To provide web developers with the ability to extend general drag-and-drop capabilities of application, the TreeGrid supports dragging of items into/from dhtmlxTree control.

dhtmlxTreeGrid offers rich editing and formatting capabilities. Several data input control types are supported, including list box, calendar, checkbox, radio button, multiline text (can be wrapped within a cell), image cell, and more. Any other cell editor can be easily attached to the TreeGrid. For each cell specific math formula can be set to perform calculations with cell values. Calculations are made in real time and the result can dynamically change depending on cells content.

Other powerful features include cross-browser compatibility, resizable columns, client-side sorting (string, integer, date, custom), support of different event handlers and wide possibilities for customization. dhtmlxTreeGrid can load data tables dynamically from XML data source and handle large data sets.

More information about the product can be found on TreeGrid Homepage.
dhtmlxTreeGrid is available under commercial license ($249) which also includes dhtmlxGrid Professional.

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