Maintenance Release of dhtmlxSpreadsheet 3.0.1 and 3.0.2

Not so long ago dhtmlxSpreadsheet was entirely renewed and updated to the major version 3.0. The previous month was fruitful in terms of new improvements. Our dev team delivered two maintenance updates of our JavaScript spreadsheet library:

    V3.0.1 updates (November 8, 2018):

  • (fixed) Incorrect behavior of the undo operation
  • (fixed) Incorrect behavior of the cut-paste operation on a group of cells
    V3.0.2 updates (December 6, 2018):

  • (fixed) Issues with hotkeys behavior
  • (fixed) Issues with the placement of the selection handle
  • (fixed) Issues with the loss of focus on the active cell
  • (fixed) Incorrect behavior of selection on the active cell
  • (fixed) Incorrect behavior of hotkeys on the active cell
  • (fixed) Incorrect behavior of scrolling by arrow keys

Please find the release notes in our documentation.

Our current clients are invited to the Client Area to download the latest version of dhtmlxSpreadsheet. We’ll also send them an email notification with the download link.

To try out the updated dhtmlxSpreadsheet – just fill in the form here (30-day free trial).

Stay tuned and drop us a line about your impressions of the recent updates!

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