Maintenance Release: dhtmlxGantt 6.1.2 and dhtmlxSpreadsheet 3.1.2

Time runs so fast that it’s hard to keep up with its pace and let you know about everything going on in DHTMLX development team. But there are those small things that really matter and make your work with our JavaScript components stable. So, meet the latest pack of improvements in our JavaScript Gantt chart and JavaScript spreadsheet.

What’s new in dhtmlxGantt 6.1.2

March 26, 2019


  • (Added) A method for getting the active cell – keyboard navigation


  • (Fixed) Incorrect work of the resource panel after creating a new datastore to overwrite the previous one
  • (Fixed) Incorrect values of query parameters in the POST mode of dataProcessor
  • (Fixed) An incorrect result of gantt.getClosestWorkTime when called without specifying a direction
  • (Fixed) Issue when the English locale couldn’t override the previously added locale
  • (Fixed) Script error with gantt.undo and indent actions in the grid
  • (Fixed) SalesForce compatibility: new resize listener was broken in SF, fallback is added

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What’s new in dhtmlxSpreadsheet 3.1.2

March 25, 2019


  • (Fixed) Issues with text styles in Excel export
  • (Fixed) An issue with underlining right-aligned text

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What’s new list in documentation >

Current clients are invited to download the latest versions of their components in the Client’s Area.
We’ll be eager to hear your feedback and ideas on the future updates in the comments below!

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