dhtmlxSuite Updated, Build Dynamic Data-Driven Grids from XML, CSV or JSON

DHTMLX announces the latest update of its dhtmlxSuite, a professional Ajax components toolkit for web UI. The major updates concern Grid and Treegrid components and include a large number of new features and improvements, including the ability to load data from JSON and JS-array, smart rendering and paging support for hierarchical data grids. Also a new component, dhtmlxSlider, is introduced.

In the light of the latest update of its Ajax UI toolkit, DHTMLX have released the newest version 1.6 of its dhtmlxGrid component, a feature-rich Ajax data grid for web applications. Being the main “player” in DHTMLX components library, dhtmlxGrid incorporates all the advanced functionality required for building rich tabular interfaces, as well as fast and reliable performance and polished design.

dhtmlxGrid Homepage - Visit for a live demo

With this release dhtmlxGrid, which is a pure client-side JavaScript component, introduces more flexibility for client-server communication capabilities providing the ability to load data from JSON and JS-array. So, now developers can chose which data format to use: XML, JSON, CSV, JS-array or simple HTML. Besides, since this update the grid supports custom XML format allowing developers to define custom XML attributes.

This new version adds lots of other enhancements, among which:

Smart Rendering functionality that allows the component to work fast with large number of records is now available with any type of grid initialization: XML string, JSON, HTML, CSV, JS-array;
Paging view is enhanced with new nice-looking skin;
Dynamic paging was updated to use non-linear buffer and as a result grid with huge datasets works even faster: any grid entry can be accessed without loading all the previous ones;
Grouping and Filtering capabilities, as well as auto-calculated values in footer/header, were updated to work in split grid; since recent update filters also work in hierarchical grids;
New features in TreeGrid were introduced, such as paging support and Smart Rendering mode in which only rows situated in the visible area are rendered. Both features essentially improve the ability of hierarchical grids to handle large datasets.
Extended script API and new event handlers introduced.

In addition to all the enhancements concerning the grid, this update also introduces a new member in DHTMLX components suite – dhtmlxSlider. The new component allows creating attractive horizontal or vertical slider bars.

dhtmlxSlider Homepage - Visit for a live demo

DHMLX Toolkit provides a set of cross-browser Ajax-based components for building fast-performing and rich web applications. The toolkit includes such components as grid, treegrid, treeview, menu, tabs, calendar, windows, and more. All DHTMLX components are written in JavaScript and provide easy server-side integration (ASP, .NET, PHP, JSP, Ruby, ColdFusion). More information about DHTMLX and its Ajax components toolkit can be found on https://dhtmlx.com.

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